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The TarValon.Net LJ Community

For the members of the White Tower

An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members and those interested in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time"
This is the livejournal group for members of TarValon.Net Inc.

Mission Statement

TarValon.Net exists to provide its members with the opportunity to adopt the ideals and philosophies of the White Tower as described in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, while supporting a real life community through gatherings, online communication and fraternity. We strive to maintain a website that appeals and educates visitors about the Wheel of Time in an original and innovative fashion. TarValon.Net not only seeks to create real life friendships and bonds between fans all over the world, but also to be seen as the trusted source for news, research, art, and theories while maintaining a high level of quality in all works produced, and achieving a high entertainment value for the public in general.


Brandon Sanderson's livejournal may be found here: mistborn He often talks about A Memory of Light progress and other Wheel of Time matters in his journal, along with the other books he is writing.



To have your (or another's) listing added/removed/edited/updated, see here.

last update: February 15, 2010

abhjw20112007 Aintza Bisera, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
abouttocrash Saera Caerthyn, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
adolla Adolla Ceryia, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah, Head of Ajah
akakaki Asine Dormandi, Novice
alena_mysana Alena Mysana, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
alisedai Aliandra Santorin, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
almost_flying Meilen Gevedon, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
aloren Aloren Tarabutton, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
anya_valerin Anya Valerin, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
aramaelle_leil Leilwyn al'Raen, Accepted (Aspiring Blue)
ariaberaht Aria Beraht, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
arigin Arisaema Draconis, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah, Shatayan & CFO
artguyjoe Josef al'March, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
aryawnah Aryawnah Federov, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
asalyn Asalyn al'Morin, Accepted (Aspiring Yellow)
atane Atane Valthon, Resident Citizen
aymaera Millefiori Aerien, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
barid Berior Alaeyn, Gaidin, Val'Cueran, Evil
barbabok Jolin Idaioril, Citizen
bey0ndthedream Nessa Valrach, Accepted (Aspiring Red)
blesha Onis O'Leia, Novice
bluelyoness Lyoness al'Thorn t'Morsin, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
bondgirl51 Eleyan al'Landerin, Amyrlin Seat & CEO, raised from the Green Ajah
bridonna Bridonna Desini, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
bumblefucked Erin al'Denael, Accepted
bunnychic2 Dovienya el'Korim, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
burning_liberty Joel al'Rijin, Soldier
caitisedai Caiti na Shaheen, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
caleil Kytheria al'Shea, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
calenthe89 Calenthe te'Veile, Novice
cataia Cataia Sylvianya, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
chieflywil Wiliam Cambrae, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
clytemnestra215 Sela Narian, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
corielle Arelwen al'Nedea, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
crashingwaves38 Dralyn Montsier, Keeper of the Chronicles & COO, raised from the White Ajah
crimsoncalis Derrin Covayende, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
dayspring Arya Ellesméra, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
deliriousfever Melania al'Larwind, Accepted
dreamfacilitato Hasan Iesa Al-Anzi, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
octoberdreaming Meirah Zaïde, Accepted (Aspiring Red)
drmfacilitator2 Estalia Walburga, Aes Sedai, Head of the Yellow Ajah
eaving Epiphany Caraethe, Novice
ebcas Ebona din Casei, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
egeresedai Egere el'Pyne, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
einmana_ulfur Annouk Vinkona Úlfanna, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
eireann8 Eireann Namar, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah, Mistress of Accepted
elbie Elbereth Gailbridhil, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
elektro_clash Cealestis al'Dyren, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
elyna Elyna al'Tzoran, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
empress_ehvul Zashara Da'sainne, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah, Queen of Awesome
eniariom Eniara Kisharad, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
eplossl Micah Junfir, Gaidin, Dai M'Hael
estaliayellow Estalia Walburga, Aes Sedai, Head of the Yellow Ajah
estellasharina Estella Sharina Agadis, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
faeril Faeril Munlear, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
fallnangel36 Shirlyn Cheade, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
fayesdays Aeryth Astriaden, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
faylinda Faylinn Luin, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
feonceseth Feon Ceseth, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
gwendylyn Gwendylyn Post, Novice
heartfully_cai Liathiana e'Kellenit, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
hollythegreat1 Mirshann Uuranor t'al'Theorem, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
ilissaalnari Ilissa al'Nari, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
immortalsairah Sa'areah Britthorn, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
jadechickadee Calypsa al'Nicolai, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah, Director of Moderators
jadeserenity Mara Jade t'Bayana, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
jasinbashar Jasin Bashar, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
jeffan Jeffan Caliarthan, Recruit
jennara Jennara Tikvah, Aes Sedai, Gray Ajah
jennya05 Maryan Tagora, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
jesskastar Ubahsur Kindellaer, Aes Sedai, White Ajah, Director of Administration
jetaime333 Je t'aime al'Mohara, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
jodipo Jodea Kegan, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
joinyce Joinyce al'Torani, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
karalyn6 Karalyne al'Meida, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
karassasou Karassa Souladrin, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
katarianna Katarianna al'Leya, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
kathavery Katherine Avery, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
kernashedrian Kerna Shedrian, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
kianaajadein Kiana a'Jadein, Accepted (Aspiring Green)
kigaomoi Arie Tarou, Aes Sedai, Grey Ajah
kiutsu Kitan Tataru, Aes Sedai, Grey Ajah
unto_the_breach Mirandha t'Bayana, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
ladycariad Cariyad Teridal, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
lamenamehere Triste al'Trotture, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
lavender_jane Ayendra Kisharad, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
lexie_sasha Lexiant a'Marie, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
lieutfaber Chria al'Diene, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
lisselirinen Branwyn al'Leara, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
local_jason Jayrik Thaurturion, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
lucasalbaine Lucas al'Baine, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
luxurytax Verqualia Sindaran, Resident Citizen
lyshara Lyshara Vikari, Citizen
lyuna Lyuna Ishizu, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
maidelyn2001 Maidelyn, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
maimai186 Eriana Avin, Aes Sedai, Gray Ajah
manora_ji Manora al'Sara, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
maran_damastes Maran Damastes, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
marrowrahien Marrow Rahien, Gaidin, Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb
mazark Mazarin Ashinar, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
melainethayet Melaine Marcolin, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
melana Melana al'Cairera, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah, Tricksy
melearlin Melearlin a'Valarnon, Aes Sedai, Grey Ajah
melisande_05 Melisande Arneil, Accepted (Aspiring Green)
mellyisms Mellyn al'Baya, Accepted
mhor_blue Mhor Rioghain Blathnaid, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
mir8lle Miriette Kasabian, Accepted
miriyaayanne Miriya ay'Anne, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah, Mistress of Chat
mnwhiterose Kerowyn al'Sindar, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
morwynna Morwynna Raevyn, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
musickris Vivianna L'antreau, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
myobii Demonfaer al'Dreamteare, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
nackdel Ravid Lemaine, Soldier
nchristiaanv Naeris Vell'sean, Gaidin, Dai M'Hael, Company Commander
nilla_crackers Allin Sha'Maer, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
nyarin Nyarin al'Batera, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
osso Vallah al'Dera, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
penombrelilas Kyria d'Oreyn, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
piesedai Tyla al'Mere, Aes Sedai, Grey Ajah
princessdisney Shyana al'Veara, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
pylar Pylar al'Stnap, Accepted
raylin Raylin Delayn, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
rehtaeh69 Rehtaeh al'Navi, Aes Sedai, White Ajah
relinya Relinya Ryviarra, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
rijomu Rijomu Sezain, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah
robertus_e Robertus Cain, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
rowanne Rowanne al'Maeve, Aes Sedai, Gray Ajah
saerin_sedai Saerin Alaondar, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
sashamelrai Sasha Melrai, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
savvyscallywag Stasia t'Andrei, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah, Tower Voice
scottsvengeance Whil al'Guin, Gaidin, Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb
seanusmcdc Sean Dragoran, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
sensorglitch Atreyu, Gaidin, San D'ma Shadar
serenlasedai Serenla Tamowith, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah, Director of Membership
skavenfox Maeric Kelskaith, Gaidin, Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb
sofeiaCordelia Narie, Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
synthsoc Jarin Mayani, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
tallan Tallan Daar, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah
theladyfiona Morrighan Aelthyn, Novice
tijae Nicandra Zionis, Citizen
theamazingtish Tricia Greenleaf, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
theshoelacearmy Ariana Sulan, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah, Divine Creator of All That is Awesome, Zasha's Hawt Canadian Bride
toumas Toumas Al'Ahari, Gaidin, Val'Cueran
uidin Uidin Durandir, Soldier (Aspiring Dai M'Hael)
yelenia Yelenia Hylraren, Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
yenie Yenie Antagar, Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
zdefenestrator Defen Estrator, Gaidin, Dai M'Hael, Systems Administrator
zhareen Zhareen din Narelle, Aes Sedai, White Ajah, Director of Technology