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hollythegreat1 posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: hollythegreat1
Date: 2007-12-20 15:57
Subject: Um...hi?
Security: Public
*waves to everyone*
Hi. I just got here. Now what do I do?
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Suzanne. Nomen mihi non modo illa sed etiam Sela. posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: clytemnestra215
Date: 2007-12-05 06:21
Subject: All Hail the AmyrLana!
Security: Public
Tags:but will bob make an appearance?
If things within the forums are looking a bit strange and...s'redit-y...that's because the Amyrlin Seat has given over all power to Melana Sedai to be Amyrlin for a Day, in celebration of our raising over $1000 for Heifer International as one of our Santa Projects this year.

So enjoy the chaos and the free day! And pray that Lana doesn't blow up the Tower like last time. Meanwhile, Eleyan Sedai, Not-Amyrlin-For-A-Day, might be found out of the Tower, in the city of Tar Valon forums as she mixes with citizens and lets Lana have free reign.

All hail the AmyrLana! At least for today. :)

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My God, it's nothing but carrots and peyote posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: scottsvengeance
Date: 2007-12-02 13:56
Security: Public
Ya hey guys its Whil. I rejoined the site duhh and so I figured i'd rejoin this too WOO.

This is my current lj btw, poseph is no longer in use so if someone feels like updating the roster on the info page that'd be gravy.

So who likes cake??????
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User: nadine_sedai
Date: 2007-11-28 12:48
Subject: Farewell TarValon... May the Light Always Shine on Your Path
Security: Public
This is my goodbye to TarValon.net. I was not allowed to make a goodbye post there, so hopefully, maybe a kind soul could forward this along to more people, as this is my last piece of communication with affiliation to that site.

Where does one begin after all this? I'd like to make an apology to membership, try once again to state the facts of the situation, and say my goodbye to my home of five years.

First, I'd like to apologize to Membership as a whole. I am very, very sorry for invading privacy of another member, and doing something so incredibly shady. It was very out of character for me, and I am certainly not proud of my actions, and am deeply sorry I chose to do this.

To the Green Ajah... I humbly apologize to you for letting you down. I was weak with jealousy and foolishness, and I folded under temptation. I am sorry for disgracing the good name of Green and what it means to be a Green Aes Sedai.

To the Executive Administration... I am deeply sorry for putting this burden on you to deal with this type of a situation.

I would like to tell my story to the public, as the facts given to you, I feel to be one sided and told from a side of people that are looking upon me very unfavorably right now, due to other personal reasons.

I want to make clear that in no way am I trying to make excuses for my actions, or saying I should not have been punished for my wrong doing. What I did was inexplicably wrong. I deserve, and very much expected a very harsh penance for my crime. I, however, did not expect to be kicked out of my home for making a mistake. I asked for the chance to atone for my wrong doings.

I only want my side of the story to be known.

In my five years of membership at tarvalon.net I have never once lied, nor broken the laws that govern the site. I have never had one act of disciplinary action taken against me, ever. Even as a Novice and an Accepted (both times) I never even played pranks to receive a punishment.

It saddens my heart now, that after five years of a clean record that I have been judged solely on accusations of members that have claimed I have lied and have said that I am not truly sorry.

I admit freely that I accessed my ex-husband's account in order to read his private messages. However, never once did I venture into the Administration forums. In all honesty, I could have cared less what was in them. My focus was on my ex and what he was saying about me during the time of our separation.

I have been a Membership Administrator in my time of service at tarvalon.net. I know the only thing in those forums are topics pertinent to the HoA's & CC's. I had no interest of looking in there. I'd also like to stress that when I was a HoA I NEVER broke the confidence of those forums. I never took information from them and spread it around.

It was stated that I looked into those forums to gain insight into my own raising. This is entirely untrue. I know for fact that raisings are not discussed in Membership and only in the Hall. I know this because I have served as both a HoA and a Sitter.

I will admit I did receive updates on my raising from my ex-husband. He had a friend that was a Sitter in the Hall send him what the Amyrlin wrote about me in my raising thread. He then sent it to me in an e-mail. That is the ONLY way I received information from a private forum. It was sent to me in my OWN e-mail. This is not my fault, nor something I went and asked for.

I knew it was wrong accessing my ex's account... but it was like doing drugs. We know doing drugs is bad and that we shouldn't really be doing them, but some of them draw you in and you become addicted and you keep craving that feeling or experiencing more.

Temptation is a horrible thing. Human nature makes us want to know things, to learn the truth, to know what someone is saying about us. My ex-husband gave me his password... is it entirely my fault that I had access to his account? Yes, I could have chosen not to use it... and if I was a stronger, more perfect person I would have. Unfortunately, temptation to know what he was saying about me won out.

I honestly kept hoping that I would log on and find that he finally changed the password so I could not access it anymore. It had come to the point where some of the things I read hurt me so badly and I wanted to stop... but, I refer back to the drug addiction analogy. As much as it hurt, the more I wanted it...

Those who know me well know I am a passionate person. Unfortunately, my emotions tend to run me a bit too much. I have taken classes, and am independtly studying again, Behavioral Therapy skills. The major lesson is one mindfulness, thinking with a balance of the Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind. In this situation I was fully acting on my Emotional Mind and Logic never got to weigh in.

I never did any of this to be a malicious person or to jeopardize the site or the members. I never thought beyond a personal conflict with my ex-husband. To me it was like accessing his e-mail... which whether we like to admit it or not, it happens all the time with ex's. I never expected that I would get banned from my refuge of five years over something entirely personal.

This entire thing has had me in a sort of shock, really. I never expected to find love on the Internet... I certainly never expected to find that the love would not last and I'd end up getting a divorce... I never expected my personal relationship to become such a catalyst to judge me and shun me forever.

We are all human... not a one of us is perfect. I made a horrible, horrible mistake. I let down many people, including myself. It pains me to know a place I called my family could literally disown me for making a mistake in judgment, when I was going through a rather difficult time in my life.

I would never disown my family. No matter what they did... I'd still allow for the chance of redemption.

So with that... I guess it's time to say my goodbye. It has been an extraordinary five years. Being a member at tarvalon.net most certainly has changed my life in many ways, and I will never once forget it. It will be full of bitter-sweet memories, but I hope I can latch on to the best of the good ones, for resentment will only kill me.

I miss the days where we remembered that we were all people on the other side of the screen. All with real problems, all that came looking for a place to bond, a place to be understood, maybe a place to not be judged so harshly as life is full of that already.

I cherish the friendships and experiences. I will always hold the parties in my heart, for I have always had the most fun meeting face to face with members.

I will miss the ladies in the Brown Ajah and the Green Ajah most of all. I am truly one blessed individual to know not one inner-home at tarvalon.net, but two. I will miss the traditions and personalities in each. I am already missing the sisterhood of the Green Ajah.

The real-ness of the community will make it thrive... I do hope that it gets remembered... That this place was once fun... not with so many cliques choosing sides and deciding to tear a person a part just because things ended badly with the friend they liked better. I hope that you can remember that humans are not perfect and that this is real and not a fantasy world. It is honorable to try to live up to the expectations of being an Aes Sedai and living by a certain code... however, life does happen, and sometimes we make the wrong choice. It is how we deal with those wrong choices, which could truly make us great... or not.

Actually, I'd like to end with a thank you for reminding me that I am not perfect and there are plenty of things I still have to work on. I may not be enough to fit into your perfect world... but I can keep trying on fitting in better with the real world.

The best way to reach me these days will likely be my personal email: jeniferEchapman@gmail.com

I will be retiring "Nadine Andara", and hence the gmail account associated with the pseudonym.

With Best Regards,
Jenifer E. Chapman
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karassa, audrey posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: karassasou
Date: 2007-11-26 15:34
Subject: Where are my Sparkers?
Security: Public
Hey, where did everyone go? =( I've been pretty much all alone this whole month! The holidays and the new year are upon us, now's the time to get back into the swing of things!

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about: www.sparkpeople.com .
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Brita posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: ilissaalnari
Date: 2007-10-02 20:32
Subject: Shaoman is Coming....
Security: Public

Shaoman is coming, and I want you to scare me.

There are millions of things for man to fear. But at the core of it all there is the moment. That single moment when a sight, a sound, a memory bursts through a person's reality and catches their heart.

That moment of genuine fear, pure and uncut by the adrenaline destined to follow, is one of those times when a man is truly alive. I need that moment; I need you to bring it to me.

As is often the case with fear, we shall make a game of it. Not just a game, but a contest of wits and of courage. You see, one needs courage to truly deliver that moment of fear. We are what we write, and it is impossible to scare another without first scaring yourself. Dig deep into your soul and show me, show us all, what haunts you in the loneliest hours of the night. Capture and turn your fears upon us, scare us thoroughly, and you just might take home a prize for your efforts.

Now, like any good contest this one has both rules and rewards. And, as tragedy may interrupt a fine dinner it is best to always begin with the dessert.

The rewards then, are as follows:

First, immortalization beyond your wildest dreams as your tale of fear and woe is published in the renowned Tar Valon Times.

Second, a customized signature developed by the talented Online Events artists to let everyone know that you are the true Master of Fear of these lands.

With the rewards settled, on to the rules. The limits of the contest are as follows:

First, submissions should be submitted to onlineevents@tarvalon.net no later than October 26th, 2007, as they will be judged during the Shaoman competition.

Second, there will be two winners. A dozen or more of you may manage to truly terrify me, but only the best two shall receive fame and prizes. So harness that fear boys and girls, and show me what you've truly got. One prize shall be awarded by the Team, for that story that is truly felt to encompass the qualities listed below. The second to that story that captures the heart, and fear, of the Shaoman festival participants.

Third, while a small exception will possibly be made for a story of such fine quality, we prefer your tales to be no shorter than five hundred words, but try to keep it no longer than a thousand. Our hearts can only take so much, after all.

Fourth, as this is a Tower event it is only natural to want to use people from the Tower in your story. This is not a requirement by any stretch of the imagination, but it is allowed. Whenever possible, get their approval before they are used. If they are used in an evil capacity in general, or specifically if they are the main villain or a victim their approval is not only suggested but is mandatory. Do not fool around on this part. Being evil or killed in a story, even in jest, is not something everyone is comfortable with.

Lastly, as should be obvious but to spell it out clearly. Your story must have a scary element to it. Fear is a subjective thing. For some it is as excessive as gallons of blood. For others, it is as simple as an out of place shadow in the periphery of one's vision. Find your fears, and bring them to life.

Now a final bit of housekeeping. Your work will be judged by a number of people - both the Online Events team and the Shaoman festival participants. Your work will be put up against the work of others. Not everyone will win this challenge. Below are the guidelines of how you will be judged.

First, originality. Yes, yes, yes, there are only seven stories in the world. We've heard it all before, and said most of it. Regardless, if we can place the movie or book you directly ported your story from in under thirty words, expect your marks for originality to suffer.

Second, pure story-telling skill. Fear is not an easy commodity to sell. Even the scariest monster in the world can be undone by improper handling on the writer's part. This is not an A to B to C adventure, this is the unexpected, the unknown, the unbelievable.

Third, much like this document, your story must have undergone a check for spelling. Solid grammar must also be accounted for. Proper formatting is also a must, though exceptions for stylistic purposes are understood. Just don't get too creative with your formatting. Your words are what are important, not how you fiddle with them.
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Suzanne. Nomen mihi non modo illa sed etiam Sela. posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: clytemnestra215
Date: 2007-09-24 06:33
Subject: The Tar Valon Times for September is released - Special Robert Jordan Issue
Security: Public
Tags:tar valon times
Find the newest Tar Valon Times here:
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Suzanne. Nomen mihi non modo illa sed etiam Sela. posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: clytemnestra215
Date: 2007-09-17 21:29
Subject: TarValon.Net is Down Temporarily, due to exceeding bandwidth
Security: Public
Edit: If you access through http://www.tarvalon.net/news.asp, all works well. :) The bandwidth issues seem to be with the new flash video on the main page.

EDIT AGAIN: All is fixed! Thank you to our fantastic Technology team, and especially Defen (zdefenestrator), our Systems Administrator, and as always our Director of Technology, Zhareen (zhareen). :)


The Amyrlin posted the following in Site Announcements:

We've been kept afloat by Zhareen and her amazing crew these past 24 hours.

And, thankfully, she kept our boards and site separate.

Anyhow..... we're down. Not surprised. With Dragonmount down, traffic goes here.

In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO ACCESS THE MAIN SITE.            

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Suzanne. Nomen mihi non modo illa sed etiam Sela. posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: clytemnestra215
Date: 2007-09-17 14:04
Subject: James Rigney, pen name Robert Jordan, has died.
Security: Public
Cross-posted from the main site. Obituary from TarValon.Net is also now up here.


James Rigney passed today, September 16, at 2:45 pm.

The following was posted on his blog by his cousin:

It is with great sadness that I tell you that the Dragon is gone. RJ left us today at 2:45 PM. He fought a valiant fight against this most horrid disease. In the end, he left peacefully and in no pain. In the years he had fought this, he taught me much about living and about facing death. He never waivered in his faith, nor questioned our God’s timing. I could not possibly be more proud of anyone. I am eternally grateful for the time that I had with him on this earth and look forward to our reunion, though as I told him this afternoon, not yet. I love you bubba.

Our beloved Harriet was at his side through the entire fight and to the end. The last words from his mouth were to tell her that he loved her.

Thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and support through this ordeal. He knew you were there. Harriet reminded him today that she was very proud of the many lives he had touched through his work. We’ve all felt the love that you’ve been sending my brother/cousin. Please keep it coming as our Harriet could use the support.

Jason will be posting funeral arrangements.

My sincerest thanks.

Peace and Light be with each of you,

4th of 3

To Catalyst: Never, never loose faith. RJ did not. Harriet hasn’t. I haven’t. Going through what we have, our faith is only strengthened. Besides, if God didn’t exist, we would have never had Jim. We did. God does. Remember my Brother/Cousin, my friend, think of him fondly and glorify God’s name.

Melissa Craib, Amyrlin of TarValon.Net, posted the following in the newly-created Robert Jordan Memorial Forum:

TarValon.Net will be doing the following to officially commemorate the father of this community:
- Creating a memorial forum
- Featured Obituary in the News and Information Site
- Special Edition Tar Valon Times about RJ, his life, death, and how is work affected us all.
- The Servant of All Scholarship will now officially be known as "The Robert Jordan Memorial Servent of All Scholarship."
- There will be several redesigns on the site, including a memorial video in place of our current video
- We will be sending flowers from us to the Funeral Wednesday Night, 5pm PST - We will meet in #wheel to have a toast together in IRC, share stories, and remember our friend.

If you would like to donate, we suggest either sending in a donation to the Mayo Clinic (which was RJ's favorite charity), or to the Scholarship Fund which has been renamed in his honor.

Flowers will come from our general fund and will be "From your friends at TarValon.Net."

Also, be aware, we might have some server issues in the coming days if we get too much traffic. Just an FYI.

As for the memorial wake and toast in IRC, we will plan to all take a drink (whatever it is you happen to drink) at 5:15 PST sharp on Wednesday. RJ's favorite drink was cognac, if anyone is interested.

Thank you all.

To read Robert Jordan's blog, go here.

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Suzanne. Nomen mihi non modo illa sed etiam Sela. posting in An LJ Community for TarValon.Net members
User: clytemnestra215
Date: 2007-08-15 19:33
Subject: Need your listing updated on the community profile page?
Security: Public
Tags:community list, tarvalon
Elbie (White Aes Sedai) started this community, but she's just now shifted over moderation to me (Sela Sedai, Brown Ajah). That means I'll be updating the listing of TarValon.Net members on the userinfo page from now on.

The listing of members in this livejournal community can be found here. Take a look and see if your listing is accurate.

Leave a comment in this post to be added to the list, or to have your name/rank/user edited/added/removed/updated. Please don't count on me to remember your full name or rank, no matter how well I know you. I have a bad memory. :P

Remember to include in every comment to this post:

  • your full TarValon.Net name, first + last.

  • your rank + affiliation.

If you see anyone else's entry that needs editing as well, feel free to speak up.

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